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We Can Install Your Christmas Lights In 48 Hours.
We know you have a limited amount of time to get your Christmas Lights Installed! That is why we quote most jobs in under 2 hours with satellite measurement.  Get Your Free Quote Now.
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K. Chan
"Signed the quote at 4 and they were out by 6. It looks fabulous. If you need lights put up, this Christmas light company is highly recommended!!"
L. Woodham
"I was looking for Christmas light installation near me.  They did a Great job on the Christmas Lights! Great service and communication."
Y. Ho
"They did an awesome job. It was my first time hiring Christmas Lights Decorators. I would recommend it to my friends definitely."
T. Tommy Lee
"Very professional company. Good communications; show up when they promise; and great technical support."

Christmas Light Installation Cost

With as many colors you could add to your Christmas display there just as many business models that contractors use to run their business.  
Some sell you lights, others rent lights to you, many provide storage, while others will do just about anything that you want.

Our business model is this.

We provide all the lighting material and timers needed, we install , provide fast tech support, and take down the lights. All the material is rented from us so there is no need to store any lights in your home. Our prices start from $800 including the lights.

The following year you can then change the color of your lights if needed and we will guarantee all the lights year after year and there is no need to source your own material or take on the responsibility of trying to match LED light colors from different sources.

One thing we get asked all the time is if we will hang a customers lights. Sometimes they are even nice commercially mad lights that have been previously installed from a contractor. To that we have to say no. The reason behind the answer is...  
  • Efficiency: It takes a long time to figure out how your lights were previously cut to fit. We use a mapping system when we install lights so we know where every strand goes on the house.  
  • Consistency: Your lights will likely not match the color of our lights. So when a tech support replacement bulb is needed, we would be installing the wrong color of bulb.
  • Longevity and Processes: We rent all of our material so that we can control the environment it is stored in, and we can streamline the process of sending our trucks out every season.
  • Reliability: Our crews use a specific roofline clip and other materials that allow us to have a very reliable display that produces less callbacks for support. 

In short we must use our own Commercial Christmas Decor during the installation.

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